Sunday, August 28, 2011

Little progress

I finished marking up the designs on one of the sheets of plywood and started on the second tonight.  I was hoping to get more done, but life cropped up on me and I had to put it on hold until tomorrow or the next day.

I did make some progress on my model tonight though.

I started off by making a rough wireframe of the enclosure.

But the points didn't line up correctly because I was sloppy when I put the seat together in SketchUp.  So I went back to the model of the chair and tightened everything up.  Then I was able to get good, accurate lines. 

So here it is, the first draft of the enclosure:

The one side panel is not shown because I still haven't decided how I want it to open.  Right now it's between a canopy and a door.  With my current design, I wouldn't be able to do a hinged canopy, but it might be possible to have one that slides straight back.  But a door is looking more likely at this point.  It would be cool to have a door that swung up instead of out, but it would be a difficult process to make it so that it wasn't hard to open while you were sitting in the pit.  I'll probably do a rear-swinging suicide-type door like what I had on Moya.  It's all still up in the air at this point.

In honor of Doctor Who coming back on the air tonight, I added a small, nerdy, touch to the model.

Yep, that's the TARDIS police telephone sign!

Love me some Doctor Who.

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