Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lots of progress tonight!

First off, my MFDs came today!

Tested to see if they'll both fit on my 15" LCD that I'm planning on mounting behind the center panel.

Started cutting the first sheet of plywood.

I figured that drilling a hole where the slots and notches need to be cut out would make life easier...

But they ended up punching through the last layer instead of cutting through.

My buddy came over to help and he suggested putting a scrap piece of wood under the piece to be drilled through, and that worked wonderfully.

Got the first two pieces cut out.

And finished the entire first sheet of plywood!

Here's whats left over.

Cut everything with my cheap $50 Ryobi Jigsaw.

Now we're going to start the second sheet of plywood.  It's a good night to be a pit-builder!

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