Monday, October 18, 2010

The Materials; or What I'm Sitting in Right Now

A recipe for a Cockpit:
-about 90' of 1" Schedule 40 PVC Pipe
-38 mixed 1" Schedule 40 PVC Pipe Connectors
-Approximately two 4'x8' plywood sheets
-about 6 1/8th inch 4'x8' luan door skins
-one 2x4
-scrap carpet
-two cans of silver spray paint
-two cans of black spray paint
-one pint of black wall paint
-one old desk chair
-one keyboard tray from an old desk
-screws of various sizes

Cut pipe into appropriate lengths.  Piece together using connectors. 
Remove seat, back and arms from desk chair.
Cut and attach plywood to seat and back of desk chair to make new captain's chair.  Paint black using black spray paint.
Craft arms out of extra PVC and plywood.  Paint black with spray cans.  Attach to chair.
Cut desk top from plywood and attach to appropriate area of frame.  Paint black with spray cans.
Using silver spray paint, paint pipes where they will be exposed inside of cockpit.  Outside will be covered.
Cut floor out of remaining plywood.  Affix to frame.
Cut braces for desk top from 2x4.  Affix to desk, frame and floor.
Cut appropriate sized piece from scrap carpet.  Affix to floor.
Make riser for PC from scrap plywood and 2x4.  Paint black.
Affix keyboard tray to underside of desk.
Cut luan door skins for walls and door using utility blade to prevent becoming owner of a superb toothpick collection.
Take pain killers.
Finish cutting walls and door from luan door skins with utility blade.
Schedule carpal tunnel surgery.
Place captain's chair inside of frame.
Paint inner side of walls and door black using pint of wall paint.  Attach to frame.
Cut roof out of plywood.  Paint inner side black and attach to frame.
Bake for 450 degrees for about three weeks.
Serves one.

See attached gallery for pictures.

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